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2018: Resolutions and Goals

Hey y'all! Happy New Year! I hope all of you were able to ring in 2018 with people you love! Speaking of new year, how are those resolutions going? For the last ten years, I make a list of three things I want to accomplish in the new year. This year, my resolutions are: 1) Read (at least) one book a month 2) Improve an important skill (I chose sewing and cooking) 3) Find a different charity to donate to each month Pretty simple goals :) Now, I would LOVE if y'all would help me out! Comment with your favorite books, recipes, and charities! Another goal I have for this year is to tone my body. I want to be strong. I told one of my friends, Dom, this and he told me that he would show me how to work out to tone up. We had our first gym session Saturday.... y'all.... I am so sore haha! He doesn't mess around! We only have five more weeks together so, we're making every session count. I've got my Fitbit on, gloves ready to go, and ponytail tied tight. Well, here's to the new year and to all of you <3 Until next time! God Bless, Hollie

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