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A Lesson in Dating and Loving Myself

Hey y’all!

I have recently challenged myself to date myself. Take myself out shopping. Take myself out to my favorite restaurants. Treat myself to a favorite dessert. Make it a point to dress up for myself and compliment myself. Y’all, it’s been incredible, the change of how I view myself.

The first time I took myself out was awkward. So, to all of you still in the dating world, it’s not just the awkward first date with another person haha! I took myself to see “The Incredibles 2”. While getting ready, the thought that stood out in the forefront of my mind was, “People are going to look at me strange. What are they going to think?”. I was nervous and self-conscious but, wearing my favorite dress, I was ready to go. When I got to the theater, my thoughts became reality. The lady that was helping me asked, “Just you?” With that look of “bless her heart”. But then, something I didn’t anticipate happened. Another girl working there overheard my conversation with this lady and she came right up and said, “Good for you! Women need to take themselves out on dates more! You even dressed up for yourself and you look stunning!”. Needless to say, I was floored, embarrassed, but also, inspired.

Flash-forward a bit, to today. I have taken myself out on a few more dates since then and have leaned so much about myself, just by listening to my inner thoughts and my mood. I have learned that I am extremely introverted in my personal life and the exact opposite when I am on the stage. My soul is quiet and meditative when I am alone and off the clock. My soul is inspired and alive when I perform. Both personalities make up the beautiful mess that is Hollie. And, you know what? I am in love with me. I am a broken, bruised, strong-willed, determined, Christ-Loved woman. Things that have broken me, God has fixed. I am spiritual. I am quiet sometimes, I am loud sometimes. I am learning to love myself with ALL of my flaws.

So, as I sit here at the Cheesecake Factory and share my thoughts with you, I want to challenge you to take yourself out on a date. Take a notebook or your laptop and write down what you feel. Take notes on yourself. Figure out what YOU like and not what society says you should like. If you don’t mind, message me with your findings :)

I love you all! Thank you for all of your support through the years. You mean the world to me. I am proud of each and every one of you <3

May God Go With You,


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